Health Claims

With almost 90% of health claims on the market prior to December the 14th 2012 becoming illegal across the EU, understanding what can and cannot be stated on pack is vital if the illegal sale of goods is to be avoided.

Our specialists have submitted more dossiers to support health claims prior to and preceding the health claims regulation than any other food law company in Europe. This experience allows us to ensure that your company is fully aware of the scope and application of this regulation. This includes such provisions as flexibility in the language of a claim(s), legal requirements in the use of authorized claims, and among other things an understanding when claims fall outside of the scope of the regulation.

Our expertise in world-class science and in-house staff with doctorates in nutritional biochemistry and higher degrees in food low - give our firm a unique position in health claims legislation. Our expert staffing profile and experience in claims regulation permits our clients to successfully and confidently submit dossiers to EFSA for the approval of new claims. Such claims can be proprietary in nature allowing exclusive use to your company and if you wish, ability to license out approved claim(s) if based on an ingredient.


A tremendous amount of knowledge related to all aspects of dietary supplements & food regulations, not to mention a network of advisors all over the world that we can completely rely on with his same work ethic & trust. If you want to work with someone who places a high value on teamwork, morals and ethics when working to launch a product or brand I highly recommend.