Food law enforcement in the UK - Training

A comprehensive introduction to different UK institutions and their place in developing food policy underpinning UK and EU food law. The training session will provide a number of practical examples of how enforcement has been delivered in the UK and methods of decreasing over zealous enforcement.

Training Content:

  • Coverage of the basis of community and domestic infringements
  • An understanding of the role and actions of UK local enforcement authorities
  • Insight into regulatory enforcement under the UCPD, FSA 1990, FLR 1996
  • What are aggravating and mitigating factors considered during enforcement and prosecution
  • How to help protect your business through primary authority
  • Practical examples of enforcement over non-compliant products in the UK

Course Outcome:

  • Understand the challenges posed by enforcement of food legislation in the UK
  • Develop awareness of specific legislation providing the scope of food law enforcement in the UK
  • Understand the role of enforcement in relation to making commercial choices over food law compliance
  • Increase your awareness regarding working with local enforcement agencies through the primary authority scheme and how it can protect your business

Training Dates