Health Claims Regulations - Training

The Nutrition & Health claims regulation has changed the way commercial communications are assessed and allowed on all foods and beverages. As part of the enforcement of the legislation many foods will require relabeling to ensure compliance the regulation. This presentation will providing guidance on the specific restrictions within the regulation and how to access the register of nutrition claims giving consideration to the commercial context of their use.

Training Content:

  • Nutrition & health claims legislation as implemented in UK
  • Available guidance from member states and interpretation
  • Flexibility of the wording of general function claims
  • Health Nutrition claims and their practical application
  • Child and disease risk reduction claims
  • Testimonials and national provisions for claims
  • The consequences of nutrient profiling & botanical claims

Course Outcome:

  • Understanding of the main provisions and restriction of the regulation
  • How to understand the health claims register & annex of claims
  • Interpretation of claims and use in commercial context
  • Enforcement and transition periods from regulation

Training Dates