Novel foods & Ingredient compliance - Training

The Novel foods regulation concerning foods and ingredients applies to such products that have not been used for human consumption to a significant degree within the EU prior to 15th May 1997. Ordinary foods, PARNUTS, food supplements and fortified foods all fall within the scope of novel foods regulation and without being compliant with the regulation are considered illegal for sale across the EU.

This presentation will provide guidance on how novel foods effects product formulations, what is considered traditional evidence of use, how to assess if ingredients and novel in the EU and the limitations of that process, and finally options for submission of a new novel foods application.

Training Content:

  • Overview of Regulation (EC) No 258/97
  • Exploration of key terms and concepts under the regulation
  • How to assess if a product/ingredient is novel
  • What are the requirements for a full and substantial equivalence application
  • Review of enforcement action over novel foods
  • Practical implications of the regulations and commercial implications on ingredient choice

Course Outcome:

  • Assess and understand the primary issues defining a novel food
  • Understand how to find resources to help support use of ingredients on EU market
  • Develop awareness of the enforcement issues facing non-compliant products
  • Be able to make an informed choice over what process is possible for the approval of a novel food / food ingredient

Training Dates